Pastoral Ministries

The care and healing of souls has long been a mission of the Christian community and in particular of its clergy. Effective pastoral care makes God's love and concern for us present and tangible. The best pastoral care possible can be provided when parishioners and clergy work together.

Emergencies and Crises

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a life crisis:  relational difficulties, accident, loss of employment, death of a loved one, or illness. In many of these situations, the presence of an ordained minister can be helpful.  A priest is always just a phone call away for parishioners.  In the event of an emergency, please call the parish office at 706-738-3386, and leave a message with the office staff or on voicemail after hours.  Please note that pressing "1" on the menu indicates a pastoral emergency, but you must follow the directions and leave your phone number.  A member of the clergy staff will be contacted immediately.

Hospital Visits

Times of illness and hospitalization are normally anxious times for us all.  Studies indicate that patients benefit measurably from receiving prayer and visits from their clergy.  Hospital visits are part of the daily routine for clergy Monday - Sunday.  Please contact the parish office if you or a family member are hospitalized. 

Visitations and Home Communion

Regular visitations are made by members of the clergy staff and Lay Eucharistic Visitors.  If you are aware of a parishioner who is in need of a visit or would like to receive communion at home, contact Lynn Prather, Assistant Rector for Pastoral Care, 706-738-3386 x 24.

Clergy Visits

Clergy are available for home visits or house blessings at any time.  Please call the parish office to invite one of the clergy to visit your home.  Clergy will normally attempt to call on you at home in the event of the death of an immediate family member or to celebrate the birth or adoption of a child.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry prayerfully creates shawls for those in our community in need of prayer, comfort and healing, or for those who are celebrating a major event in their lives. They pray intentionally as they work, and their prayers and the peace they experience become a part of the fabric of the shawl. 

The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the first and third Monday of the month at 5:00 pm.  All are invited to join the group and anyone may suggest a person to receive a prayer shawl by contacting Lynn Prather, Assistant Rector for Pastoral Care, 706-738-3386 x 24.

Counseling, Spiritual Direction and Reconciliation

The clergy of the parish are available for short term counseling and consultation.  Please call the parish clergy to make an appointment. The clergy maintain their own calendars.

Grief Support Group

A grief support group meets every Monday evening at 6:30 pm.  The group is free and open to the community at large.  For more information on this support group, contact Andy Menger, at 706-738-3386 x 22.

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