Walk the Labyrinth

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How to Walk the Labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth involves three spiritual movements. They are:

  • RELEASING - As you enter the labyrinth, let go of the distractions and disappointments of your life by naming them before God. Open your heart and mind to God's healing love by shedding these concerns and placing them before God. Confess and acknowledge your own failings to know the forgiveness, grace, and compassion that God wants to give to you. Resolve to make right the wrongs to others and to amend your own life.
  • RECEIVING - When you enter the center of the labyrinth, rest and remain there as long as you would like. Listen for and allow God to speak to you out of the silence.
  • RETURNING - As you begin the walk out of the labyrinth, turn your heart to God by praising him and expressing your gratitude to him for the blessings, joys, and challenges of your life.

    The labyrinth is located inside the Parish House at Good Shepherd. You are welcome to walk the labyrinth most anytime. For the sake of your own convenience, please call ahead for an individual or group walk.

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