Wednesdays at Good Shepherd

Wednesdays at Good Shepherd
In 1869, Good Shepherd, the Church on the Hill, was born. Over the years, she has become a center of Christian spirituality, mission, outreach, education, service, and philanthropy to the community. Who was the first rector? When did the church burn and what ignited the fire? Was the original wooden church really rolled down the hill on logs to the current site of Christ Church? Learn the answers to these and many other questions about your church home on Wednesdays at WAGS. Sessions start January 9 and run through February 27, 6:00 - 7:15 p.m.

    •    January 9: Beginnings (1869-1871), Ladies Sewing Circle & Founding Families
    •    Clergy Presenter, Robert Fain

    •    January 16: The Early Years (1871-1886), The Weed Years
    •    Clergy Presenter, Robert Fain

    •    January 23: Holy Smoke (1895-1942), The Church Burns, Davidson Years, and the Barber Years
    •    Clergy Presenter, Andy Menger

    •    January 30: A Growing Witness (1942-Present), The Clarkson Years, Episcopal Day School, The Fain Years
    •    Clergy Presenter, Joe Bowden

    •    February 6: Praise God, Worship, Instruments, Music, Liturgy
    •    Lay Speaker, Jim Nord

    •    February 13: Good Shepherd Treasures, Vestments, Silver, Windows
    •    Lay Speaker, Mary Gail Nesbit

    •    February 20: Saints and Myths
    •    Clergy Presenter, Bunny Williams

    •    February 27: The Future
    •    Clergy Presenter, Robert Fain, Lay Speaker, Gerry Chambers

For those who are unable to attend WAGS Sessions, please view the Youtube videos and the PDF of our presentations!

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