at church of the good shepherd, we desire to join with god in his redemptive mission in the world.

Are you seeking a life of hope and purpose? We believe following Jesus is the way to abundant life in this life and the life to come. Join us at one of our worship services this Sunday and discover people of purpose.

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Our Purpose

We will join God in His redemptive mission in the world. We humbly and prayerfully seek His grace in this journey, which honors Jesus Christ as the center of our communal, familial and individual lives.

We will offer our lives as active partners in God’s mission, remembering that we are people blessed with an amazing array of gifts and abilities to bless others.

We will grow in our discipleship and our willingness to encourage others in their own discipleship of Christ.

We will seek out those who are lost or left out for caring service and to hear Good News of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

We will stand on an Anglican heritage and traditions that guide and shape our common life, ministry and mission.

We will sustain children and young people and their families, and those of every generation, striving together to know, love and serve our Lord Jesus.