Children at the Church of the Good Shepherd

Children in Church

Worship is the primary task of the Church, the one thing God’s people do in heaven and on earth. We welcome every child to be a part of the worship life of Good Shepherd.

Welcoming children in church also means meeting them where they are in their developmental lives and materials are provided to engage their hands, hearts, and minds in the worship experience.

Children's Formation Classes 10am-11:15am

For children 3 years of age through third grades we offer the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. This program is an approach to the religious formation of children based on the conviction that God and the child are in a relationship. Inspired by Montessori methodology this catechetical approach had its beginning in 1954 when two Roman Catholic women, Sophia Cavaletti, a scripture scholar, and Gianna Gobbi, a Montessori educator, founded the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium in Rome.

For safety reasons as well as your child's comfort, we ask that a parent escort the child to the atrium. A catechist will greet each child in the hall and bring them into the atrium one at a time. Likewise, please come to the atrium door at 11:00 am. A catechist will bring your child to you and share a bit about the morning's activities.

Level I Introductory Atrium for 3 year olds, Room 305
Children who are age 3 by September 1, 2022, and are potty trained are welcome in this atrium. If you have questions, please talk with the catechists, Lucy Roth, Katrina Selby or Andrea Prosser, or contact Jinny Bradshaw at any time.

Level I Atrium for PreKindergarteners and Kindergarteners, Room 306

Catechists are Mary Margaret Adams, Alyson Getchell, Linda Wier, and Renee Austin.

Weaving God's Promises for 4th and 5th Graders, Room 302

Teachers are Walt Worsham and Jennifer Fowler.

Weaving God's promises is a comprehensive Christian Formation curriculum in which young people deepen their knowledge and love of the Bible and liturgy and learn how God's promises of salvation are inextricably woven into our lives.



We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing place for our youngest members. Nursery Caregivers are carefully screened and receive extensive training in caring for children and encouraging their faith development.

Infants 6 weeks-3 years: Room 201
Children 3-5 years old: Room 202


Formation Events: Making Life-Long Memories

August-October, January-March: Special programming is provided during each session of WAGS (Wednesdays at Good Shepherd)
JAMMERS: PK-2nd graders
J-Walkers: 3rd-5th graders
The Nursery is available as well.

August: Children come forward for the Blessing of the Backpacks during the 9:00am service. Parishioners bring school supplies for children in need.

October: The Good Shepherd Halloween Party concludes the Fall session of WAGS. Join us for fun games and activities.

November: Families gather in the Parish hall at 10:00am to make Advent Wreaths for their family's use or to share with a parishioner who is unable to attend church.

December: The Advent Pageant is presented the final Sunday of Advent. Fourth and fifth graders make up the speaking cast. Three year olds through third graders become angels and animals at the manger.

February-March: Bury the Alleluias at the conclusion of the 9:00am service the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

March-April: The Easter Egg Hunt for toddlers through third graders is held on the lawn at 10:00am Easter Sunday.

May: Children with faithful Sunday School attendance are recognized during the 9:00am service on Apostoli Sunday. Students are honored as they transition to a new class. A reception honoring Good Shepherd high school graduates follows the service.

Summiting Experiences

Baptism is full initiation into God’s own household, the Church. We welcome the newly baptized into our Parish community as enthusiastically as they are welcomed into their own families.

To learn more and to schedule baptism contact Lynn Williams.

New Child Ministries: The birth of a child is a time of great celebration in the life of a family. One of the clergy would love to visit your home to welcome your family’s newest member with prayers of thanksgiving and praise.

Contact The Rev. Ted Clarkson for information.

Solemn Communion: Children in 2nd and 3rd grades are invited to embark on a five week formation experience that provides them with a deeper understanding of holy communion. The program culminates with a solemn communion retreat where children are introduced to the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation and concludes with a whole family celebration.

For more information, contact The Guild of the Christ Child.


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