Altar Guild Schedule

October 2019-March 2020


Team I

Lucy Roth
Bau Mohney
Faith Moore
Mickey Netherton
Laura Rollins
Lydia Bliven Smyth
Carole Vaiden
Mary Waller
Linda Wier
Gay Wright
Floride Dickert

Team II

Kathleen Bailie
Ruthie Jatho
Mary Wallace Johnson
Beth Jones
Mitzi McCoy
Anna Vallotton
Suellen Mourfield
Lynn Williams
Jackie Woodward
Claire Zealy

Team III

Andrea Adams
Kay Allen
Scotta Kitchens
Krista Lamar
Christie Owen
Cathy Dolan
Elizabeth Smith
Rosie Speer
Phyllis Strozier
René Kirschner
Pat Blanchard

Team IV

Carol Bennet
Lynda Blanchard
Marylib Connell
Gayle Durst
Kitty Garrett
Montie Knapp
Dody Neely
Karen Prather
Pat Shelton
Jennie Haynes
Gilchrist Phillips

Team V

Terry Dennis
Sharon Enoch
Corley Gibson
Kathy Grant
Yvonne Harrison
Jan Jackson
Nancy Kitchens
Sadie Maguire
Camille Price
Allen Roper
Wadene Welch

Team VI

Susan Burton
Maggie Chew
Ginger Flanagin
Ginny Jones
Mary Gail Nesbit
Marie Perry
Barbara Sanders
Carolyn Simon
Lucy Smith
Sandy Timmerman
Alison Smith

*6:00 services only: Carleton Vaughn is trained to be a Sacristan. Call him first and he will serve if he is available.*


Date, Team# and Chair 

October 12-15, Team I, Carol Vaiden

Oct 26-Nov 8, Team II, Mary Wallace Johnson

November 9-22, Team III, Kay Allen

Nov 23-Dec 6, Team IV, Marylib Connell

December 7-20, Team V, Corley Gibson

Dec. 21-27, Team VI, Sandy Timmerman

Dec 28-Jan 10, Team I, Mary Waller

Date, Team# and Chair 

January 11-24, Team II, Beth Jones

Jan 25-Feb 7, Team III, Christie Owen

February 8-21, Team IV, Gayle Durst

Feb 22-March 6, Team V, Kathy Grant

March 7-20, Team VI, Lucy Smith

March 21-Apr 3, Team I, Linda Wier